In addition to investment advisory services, Post Oak Investment Management, Inc. provides Comprehensive Wealth Management, which encompasses the majority of issues relating to a client’s particular financial situation. Our firm concentrates on helping our clients create, grow, protect and pass their wealth on to successive generations using tax-efficient methods. After personal visits and individual discussions with a client, we consult on their relevant needs, goals and particular issues, and create a customized plan for the client. In addition, we work with a variety of “key professionals” in the fields of law, accounting, banking and third-party administrators for our client’s company retirement plans as needed, to provide input and work on specific issues.

One of the most important steps in designing a tailored plan is to carefully evaluate a client’s investment risk tolerance, which in its simplest form seeks to determine a comfort level with market value fluctuations in a portfolio under various scenarios. Our firm has designed our comprehensive Client Profile Questionnaire specifically for this purpose, which we ask clients to complete to allow us to discuss appropriate investment objectives.


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