One area that conventional investment managers have often neglected regards the specific needs of business owners. Operating a company in the current environment has grown increasingly time-consuming, considering the need to keep up with important areas such as cash requirements, budgeting, forecasting, compliance with regulatory issues, industry trends, sector-specific guidelines and tax filings. Through our broker/dealer relationships and network of “key associates” in the fields of law, accounting, banking, third-party administration and other professions, our firm offers services tailored specifically for business owners and executive management that can help simplify and automate cash management, plan for needs including interest transfers, continuance, business dissolution and other needs specific to corporations.

In particular, we focus on four key areas of importance for business owners:

  • Cash Management Services, concentrating on the efficient use of short- and intermediate-term investments with an emphasis on safety, liquidity and simplicity of management;
  • Buy/Sell Agreements, necessary in businesses with two or more owners, to preserve the continuity of ownership and operation if certain events occur;
  • Asset Protection, such as the establishment of Family Limited Partnerships, Irrevocable Trusts, Credit Shelter Trusts, Life Insurance Trusts, Generation Skipping Trusts and the like, designed to protect the ownership of assets;
  • Business Transition Planning, to assist with business valuation, continuity, transition and sale.


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