Post Oak Investment Management, Inc. offers our clients the opportunity to have their accounts individually-managed by our firm. These “Managed Accounts” are maintained in segregated brokerage accounts with a third-party broker/dealer, and are established in the name of the client. This type of investment management arrangement can be particularly useful to a client in that the account can be customized for a specific investment objective, tax situation, income needs or other purposes, depending on the situation. A Managed Account with our firm provides monthly reporting information directly from the brokerage firm that holds the account, as well as online access to account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including information on current holdings, account balances, transaction information, historical data, and tax records. In addition, our firm provides comprehensive reporting to our clients on a quarterly basis.

At the core of our Managed Account program is our firm’s proprietary trademarked investment system called the Master Asset Allocation Program (MAAP®). Designed to maximize return for a client’s given level of investment risk, our program uses the Nobel-prize winning concepts of Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) as a foundation, using computer-generated efficient model portfolios to determine the most favorable tradeoff of risk and return for a client’s appropriate risk tolerance. We then add two additional steps–first, analyzing current economic conditions and market sentiment, and second, choosing specific mutual fund managers whose experience and judgment may allow them to construct a portfolio of superior holdings.


Please note that past performance is no guarantee of future results–see Disclaimer page.