Post Oak Investment Management, Inc. acts as General Partner to our pooled investment vehicle, Post Oak Investment Fund, L.P. (The Fund). We use use a combination of three disciplines in structuring our investment portfolio, depending on our view of market conditions:

  • A Value-Investing philosophy, pioneered by Benjamin Graham, often referred to as the father of value investing and mentor to such investing legends as Warren Buffett, Seth Klarman, Irving Kahn, Walter Schloss, Michael Price and a long list of others with exceptional records of performance. Value investing seeks to buy securities at a discount to specific measures of “intrinsic value,” and includes the application of Graham’s legendary “Margin of Safety” principles.
  • Technical Analysis, a decades-old method of evaluating prices using statistical measures such as moving averages, relative strength and other measures of interpretation of historical prices. Although we are not devotees of this form of analysis and projection of prices based on these approaches, we do recognize the significant effect that others who follow this form may exert on securities prices.
  • Volume Profile analysis, developed over the last ten years, which uses price action in the current “auction process’ to provide a real-time view of current prices based on the tendency for securities prices to trade between balanced and imbalanced prices. This disciple is based loosely on the the framework developed in the 1960’s by Peter Steidlmayer, who analyzed securities prices in discrete time intervals during market hours, and improved up by a pioneer in current market studies.

Our transactions are in publicly-traded instruments and may include equities, fixed-income, real-estate, options, futures and foreign-exchange securities in any country and any market, worldwide. Our research methods include both qualitative and quantitative analysis, statistical research, extensive screening of computer databases, analysis of financial statements, publicly-available government filings, financial data vendors and analyst research reports.


Please note that The Fund is available exclusively to accredited investors solely by Offering Memorandum and other accompanying partnership documents. Past performance is no guarantee of future results–see Disclaimer page.